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I am SO bad at this, haha!! Well, here’s the latest on the trip.

A. Tickets are ridiculously expensive.

B. God is ridiculously suprising and faithful.

C. I haven’t left yet and already I am full of story. And commentary. But I’m always full of commentary…


It’s 104 outside.

Summer is almost over (culturally speaking), but it will be hot for a long time.

Summer wheat is being harvested and the fields are stunning.

Fire season brings amazing sunsets, so that makes me feel a little guilty for enjoying them so much.

The middle of August and it’s waay too hot to not go swimming, but the water still has ice chunks in it. Okay, not really- but pretty close.

Most Washington residents have lost their pasty-white legs. Well, at least up to their knees.

Yesterday, after listening to our presidential candidates’ speeches at Saddleback Church, I was visiting with a friend and her family and two needs for my trip were met while just…being together. Let me explain. About a week ago, Lee emailed me with a short list of items that would be nice to have at the HOB. One of these items was the sequal to a DVD that Lee had shown her kids a while ago and she was wondering if I could find it and bring it. I though to myself a couple days ago, “Hm, not only have I never heard of this DVD, even if I found it on the internet, I’m not sure I would be able to get it in time for my departure.” So anyway, I’m at my friend’s house and her aunt goes downstairs for a few minutes and comes back with something in her hand. She says she saw this documentary and it’s really good and she wanted to give me a copy. Well, I’m sure you know where this story is going. Really amazing things like this have been happening since I decided to go and it’s been fun to almost just sit back and watch it all unfold. (ha. I didn’t mean it)So that was fun.

Well, I guess it’s hard for me to really write any sort of rich material for this blog right now mostly because I don’t really know what to expect or what to think. Maybe I’m wary of being honest and the vulnerability of writing for others to share in the journey is daunting to me. Either way, I want to be stretched in this area and I want to learn how to get the deep thoughts that hide in my mind out for the simple discipline and stretch of it. A couple days ago Lee wrote me a very honest letter about being in this new land and some of the sensitive cultural issues that needed to be considered. One of my main prayers throughout this journey so far has been that I would not seek after my own agenda, that my expectations would be pruned back, and that I would lose my Western insensitivity (a natural but treatable condition that comes about from being desensitized by a selfish society since birth.)

In other news, the community (yes, you) has been uh-mazingly supportive to this endeavor. I just want to offer a special thanks to the following Colville businesses:

Tiane at Reflections for donating beautiful supplies for making jewelry and handbags

EZ-Knit for coming together as a group of ladies to put together yarn for crocheting projects

Scott at Talk and Coffee for the support and publicity of it all

Ritzes Espresso for donating the money to get a new video camera for HOB

Sophia at The Spokesman’s Examiner for publicity and a great article

And to all the girls at Ritzes for being SO supportive and helping me run away to Africa for a month. I’ll bring you back something nice. :)

I just got my traveling itinerary today, so here is how the trip will be laid out:

August 31st we will drag our post-wedding reception selves out of Colville to the airport, from there we will fly to Minn/St. Paul, from there to Amsterdam, from there to Johannesburg where we will spend the night

Sept 1st we will fly from Johannesburg to Beira, Mozambique.

Sept 30th I will retrace those steps and return the 1st of October. Yes, I come home a day backwards in time. Weird.

Well, that’s all for the moment.