Oh sweet last week of August. After the surprise of an added 15 days to Kate’s and my trip to Mozambique on Tuesday afternoon, there was a mass exodus to Rossland, BC for a much needed getaway with my best friend and her bridal party. yes, wedding tomorrow followed by our departure. I thought about asking the bride and groom if we could just all carpool to Spokane after the wedding. (JK).

But anyway, after Rossland, Heather and I finished packing the three bags bound for the orphanage. I discovered the “vaccuum bag” and got really excited…probably because I was sleep-deprived. After that, we all went away again to Amanda’s little getaway. (Did I mention that I am actually in a double wedding this weekend? yes.) That fun was had whilst camping. Woot!

Came back this morning, started packing for my own self, ran to the rehearsal slash uh-mazing barbeque,

and now I am back home.

Seriously considering packing. Probably going to crash on my face instead and get up early. Wedding tomorrow. Airplane at, like, 3am. OK 6am…but we live far away. And that’s the play by play of the moment!