Well, here we are… Bruce, Tom, and David have since come and gone. Right now HOB is housing Lee, myself, and Cody Ross, a friend of Lee’s from Texas who spends a few months a year here in Moz. It’s so nice having a way to get on the internet within walking distance, but uploading pictures is a painfully slow process. So I think this is about as much as I can stand for the day. Next time I will write more and add pictures that I took at a local market a few days ago. I love the colors here… But all is well and I’m going to go eat some lunch. And possibly take a nap. I didn’t fall asleep till almost 4 this morning because of the most ridiculous noises. There was surround sound from two parties going on in the village along with guinea hens that start crowing at about 2am. Eeevery morning…They sound like braying donkeys and bullfrogs with colds. No good. They belong to the neighbor. Lee went over with money and offered to buy all of them so we could slay them, but they wouldn’t go for it. Shoot.

here we are with Mama Lee at the airport. That’s Joseph. He helps Lee out a lot around here

um…that doesn’t really happen. Only in that weird Will Smith movie.

Good morning Jo’burg! A bed never felt so grand…

We stayed at this lodge over night that is popular with the safari folk. Pretty great.

“leopard eating impala” …I’m just going to assume that said leopard is not eating a car.