Wow! What a year this has been, hey? From a year ago til now? I really am amazed at where this day has found me. Exactly one year ago I had a dream and in the dream someone told me that “this was going to be an amazing fall.” At the time I had no idea that I would be spending it here. Oh, and I’m 26 on the 26th, so that’s fun. This morning Lee, Katelynn, and I got up to have tea at 7am with my mom who had it at 10pm her time. ☺ Oh, and Mom- thank you so much for the reading light and money, both gifts were such a blessing to receive, thank you lots!  I was also serenaded by many sweet girls standing outside of Lee’s house this morning, and Heather from Kadesh found time to bake me a cake before she left for Zimbabwe to renew her visa. Lee also took me out for lunch in Beira, and Kate got me a beautiful scarf in South Africa. Jessie- thank you for your card! I didn’t cheat and that would be the most wonderful way to recover from third world sleeping conditions. You know me! I need say no more.

Today was indeed special and this fall has been amazing thus far. This evening we will go over to Kadesh and celebrate Shabbat. They have a couple visiting from Ireland for a few days. They are driving from Ireland to Cape Town to raise money for various orphanages in Ethiopia and elsewhere (including Kadesh). They are lovely and full of life. That has been one of the best parts about being here in Moz; meeting dozens of people from all around the world doing all sorts of fascinating things with their life. It’s this tapestry of paths that I’m blessed to be able to count myself a part of.  …haha! I just received yet another birthday card. So cute. I love it. Also, this afternoon, Vasco brought down the most delightful little creature from the boys’ house. Someone found a chameleon, so we all had lots of fun putting it all over the place watching it change colors and pattern. How do they do that? And their eyes are ridiculous! O-pah! Two more cards. They’re just flowing from the house today. ☺ Unfortunately for us, our neighbor must have recently acquired a radio, and was eager to show it off to the rest of the village at about 6 o’clock this morning. Yay.We.Are.So.Happy.For.You.