Kate and I decided to run across the dusty road to Kadesh tonight and make a quick blip on the common international means of communication, i.e. the internet. Yes, WaMu is my bank- what the heck?? Huh, apparently stuff is happening back home, and here we are, blissfully ignorant of it all. Well, at least we were trying to be, but it didn’t work out very well. Apparently the world finds you no matter what.

We spent today working on building HOB’s file for Social Services, so we’ve been collecting up to date portraits of each of the kids and writing up a profile for each of them. Basically spending a lot of time getting to know each of their stories. It’s pretty incredible what they have made it through. We’ve also been working on digging a new well while we’ve been here. We have some pretty hilarious photos from that as well. I’ve definitely been settling into a daily rhythm these past couple weeks, and being here has been growing increasingly easier. Well, I just spent this whole time trying to load one photo, but to no avail… Sorry folks. Until next time. :)