Be aware that I am not offering a context to this excerpt, but this thought written by author Donald Miller stuck out to me and I just wanted to share the thought. I appreciate this stream of thought.

This paragraph is an excerpt out of an article in Relevant Magazine where DM was interviewed during Blood: Water Mission’s cross-country bike ride a few months ago. Yes, he was part of the procession…

“…Usually cynicism exists because we haven’t had a conversation with whatever person who had the idea we’re cynical about. Cynicism begins because we’ve had limited experience in the Church. You have to be removed from whatever subject you’re addressing in order to be cynical. Cynicism is really a sign of a lack of education on a given subject … I was pretty cynical. So getting to know America, getting to know some of these people—seeing just how open and friendly especially small America was really helped me understand that the America we encounter in the media is not an accurate representation. We aren’t that polarized. We’re not that divided. We’re actually quite unified, I would say..