“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning, but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”

-Hal Borland

These last two months have been filled with so many seeming beginnings and endings, I wouldn’t be able to keep track if I was, indeed, trying to keep track. Journal pages ought not hold their breaths as I try to find the on ramp to catch up on this season. …I’ll wait till the end of this moment- or maybe the beginning of it… waaait a minute! It won’t happen! Cause we are right in the middle of this Autumn Day. And it’s felt like all four seasons are in me right now, which is why I appreciate this Hal quote so much. I am experiencing!experiencing!experiencing!

Today I experienced this Autumn Day by sitting on the “new” second-hand love seat in the living room, under the window that lets that slightly dimmer, cooler sun through the window and drank the rest of Joel’s coffee, left in the pot from a hasty, still-dark exit to the place of wood, beehives: employment.I wrote a little, so both me and journal could let some air out. I prayed, so I let out more breaths and now I can breath easier. :)

I joined three friends in a river orchard later in the morning and we picked pears and filled the orchard with laughter, boasting of the foods we have preserved this week, the delicacies we have canned, the goings-on of life and family…

Now I am in a quiet pub, drinking a glass of Flume Creek IPA from a local brewery and bracing myself for one of the biggest beginning/ends of this long Eastern WA season… I haven’t written a college app essay in years- I turned 29 just days ago, haha! But here I am, procrastinating the process by blogging. I am excited by the romantic notion of moving to a new city with my new husband, pursuing a new lifestyle…but I am deeply comforted by older, steadier days, deep friendships, and deep roots.

Oh Autumn Day…all my leaves are loosening- they are changing colors and it’s surprisingly beautiful, but I’m having trouble keeping track of them as these winds of change are blowing them all over my life! It’s messy business… But Saturday will bring the season’s first morning wearing scarves and drinking hot cider. I will keep experiencing and holding the hand of the one who has chosen to stand beside me through all these days.

And I will be wearing the mittens he made me.