Hi friends! Sooo… I know I have talked about starting my blog back up about a hundred times in the last couple years, but see here’s the thing… I have not had a season where I could keep my creativity primed since I worked full-time (not conducive to creativity), didn’t have the internet (inconvenient. Sitting in my car in front of the Colville library got old.), and was way too busy falling in love. NOW then, after moving from our busy little lives in Colville to the big slow of living in the county outside of Bellingham, having no friends yet, and lots of time, I think you will see a lot more come out of me! So give me a second chance, you who click on my pages and find them empty. They will fill! With pictures of the farm, projects I’m working on, the slow birth of my etsy store, Inlumen, and recipes and whole foods living ideas from the kitchen! I’m super excited about this so, let’s see what happens. If this seems interesting to anyone, please “like” this post, k? see some of you soon!