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International Women’s Day: 10 ways to celebrate – The Style Blog – The Washington Post.

Turkish women shout slogans during a protest on the International Women's Day in Ankara on, March 8, 2012. (ADEM ALTAN - AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Of course, there are much better articles to read about today, and I encourage us all to read a little bit about today, but I just wanted to press this fast while I was thinking about it. I especially want to read more about Join Me on the Bridge, started by a group of Congolese and Rwandan women to join their countries together.

We are so blessed to experience such a great freedom here as women and I think it’s easy to forget that we, here,  are not the majority. By all means- rock the red lipstick today- just for goodness sake, don’t go buying a new tube of it just for this!

-consumerism and politics, just hanging out for another big event…