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Well, mostly I just want to flood you, friend, with images from the farm, so I think I will let the bright days presented in these pictures tell the tales of how we are faring lately…

First, shameless frenchpress-love…We’re readying the raspberries for a season of grabby hands and hungry fingers and crepes and smoothies and jams and fresh off the cane snacks for the whole farm.

We had a few days of the sun and his warmth, driving us all to pounce on our yards and plots and plants quick! before he withdrew behind soggy rainclouds again.

The broadfork {learn more about them here} has surely saved our spring. What did we ever do before this tool? No gardener should be without one. Brian made this particular large utensil… The link above is to Mother Earth News and it has to be refreshed once to view. Sorry!

                                                I love spring. Period.

With these warmer days, babies are being born, and it has been such a treat to be a part of that experience. I am amazed by the instinct of these babies to connect with their moms nearly instantly. I am impressed by how much they change in only a matter of hours. These babies have been freshly deposited onto the hay [by slightly haggard looking mothers] just in the last day!

Oh heck. What fun…anyway…

I love this picture Joel took last night…it just kind of sums it all up for me.

I read this quote somewhere the other day and it kind of stuck with me, so I thought I’d share…

“What is it that causes people to shake like leaves today at the first hint of danger? It is simply the lack of God living in their souls, and having the world in their hearts instead.”                -R. Leighton

that’s a very large thought…but it is a very large world, is it not?