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featuring wildflowers,mason jars,golden hour,tea-stained fabric,sun through leaves,wild mountain getaways,and the hottest group of people i can think of....enjoy! it’s just so fun to finally have some of my favorite images collected that I just had to share. :) Since most of you can’t sit on the couch with me, drink tea, and thumb through it, I decided to use the magic of technology for good and not evil today and make that possible anyway. (so weird, isn’t it?) It was an incredible August orchard wedding and I am still so grateful for the help of everyone who made that day possible, and for the beautiful lighting of that orchard. Completely unforgettable: featuring wildflowers, mason jars, golden hour, tea-stained fabric, sun through leaves, wild mountain getaways, and the hottest group of people i can think of….enjoy!

This book took a few hours to make, but it was so so worth it. The {gorgeous} images are by Dave and Jill Ainley, our amazing photographers in Spokane, WA. Being a wedding photographer myself, I was pretty picky about who I wanted to capture my own sweet day. I’d say they did a pretty fantastic job. Check them out here!

P.S. I kind of love Shutterly. They sent me this 8×8 hardcover book as a “thank you.”

“…you are SO welcome.”