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Well, you know it’s going to be a spectacular day when you’ve sent the husband off to work with breakfast, lunch, good coffee and a kiss, had your own breakfast, coffee and a kiss, nearly finished the laundry, booked a photography job, and started a post all before 6am. …I’m usually not an overachiever and this is not the norm-just sayin. But I am rather proud. I’ve been up to a few creative ventures as of late and I think it’s time to share my enterprising and resourceful ventures.

First, I finally have my new website up and running for Inlumen Photography, so that feels quite good!


..qrcode…wow, legit:) Also have been apprenticing with Amanda Cobb who isamazingly professional, personable and quite sweet. We’ve been having a lot of fun working together. Click the pic for a bit of her story. Also, you can find her on fb as Under Current Clothing Tailor and Design.

In my own little sewing corner, I have been fashioning delights such as this bustle skirt,


A rather cute pair of shorts for lounging about, drinking coffee, and listening to the morning birds:Take note of the birds on the fabric :) The gathering makes the shorts both comfy in feel and comfy in looks

…speaking of taking note, this is a little print I made for reminders a couple days ago…

I also made a set of curtains for above our stove. They’re not quite done, but I couldn’t wait to put them up! The picture is kind of terrible and I will take a better one when they are completed. The feather is really really pretty, though.

I am really hoping to have my Etsy store up and running by summer’s start, so it’s a good thing I get up with the birds-so keep watch for that fun event! Yes, life is so so good right now. I love Easter and the rebirth of Spring. I love all things becoming new again and getting fresh starts. How awful if we did not have the grace that is Spring? I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my husband this holiday as he has a three-day weekend. Yay! We are planning to take our maiden camping voyage of the season tomorrow and then going to go see First Aid Kit in Vancouver next week! Both events being a surprise from my dear one.

{click the pic for a delicious breakfast of morning sounds!}

Thanks for reading with me this morning and I so so so welcome feedback on the stuff I’ve been working on! After all, I am a simply a novice in many many things with a deep desire to create…enjoy your day and listen for some birds! (…or wolves!)

With love,

{Inlumen} in the north country :)