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Ok, wow… so I have dropped the blogging ball big time this month!!! We’ve had some pretty massive stuff going on around the farm and I have a lot of new projects, meals, pictures, and news to share, so please don’t give up on this silly farm :D I’m still apprenticing and sewing, still planting, still cooking up silly things; I just took a break to pull my focus inward a bit. In all my longing posts about the {almost} approach of spring, I’m so happy that it is finally a blanket statement that can be pulled warmly across the whole country!! hurrah! We made it again!

I’m always doubtful every March…

Anyway, I have a fun project to share that my husband and I have been working on lately, so that will be my next post in the next couple days.

Huge thanks to sweet readers like you who have been reading my life all the way to {here!} I’ll be back shortly!!Image

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