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Today I am thankful…

  • for being with my mother this weekend when I truly needed her arms
  • for the rich beauty of my favorite mug on my favorite coaster with my morning coffee
  • for seeing close friends walking into their beauty and fulfilled promises
  • for late night talks with the one my heart loves most
  • for the beautiful gauze canopy my husband hung over our bed
  • for a clean, reorganized kitchen
  • for spending the morning picking fresh herbs for the local co-ops
  • for being inspired by the creativity of other women
  • for the visit in our sunny yard and coffee with a sweet friend yesterday

Yesterday I started a new job two days a wk just down the road at one of the area’s oldest organic farms. They supply Bellingham’s co-ops with their fresh herbs and bunches of arugula. It was wonderful to sit amidst three other young farmers for the morning equipped only with waxed boxes and simple kitchen shears with the sun on our shoulders, breathing deep of the warm, morning-fresh aromas of chives, dill, mint, sorrel, and arugula… We breathed out deeper dreams of the futures, wondered what the rest of our twenties and thirties would hold, and enjoyed the tranquility of this deeply connected to the land, small-scale family farm… I am blessed.

simple thanksgivings