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ok. well here’s how it went down in my kitchen…

make this dough

(next time I would make sure to use sharp cheddar, and 2 Tbsp butter instead of 4Tbsp. 4 is a little too crazy…)

Roll it out and go, “oh! The edge looks like a coastline!”

leave accuracy at the door, eat dough…

go be obsessed with how good your taste in textiles can be while your Cheezits are baking…

then go tell yourself what an awesome baker you are, and share with a friend. (then go for a walk.) Enjoy!

In the kitchen with Kath

By Kath Dedon


Cheese crackers! Who doesn’t love them? I had some Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar and decided I’d try to make my own. I adapted Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Cheese Straws (which Deb adapted from The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook). I decided to cut the dough into little bite-sized squares. (Kind of like the crackers that come in the red box.)

Well, I now have a new favorite homemade cheese snack! These cheese crackers have a terrific cheesy, tangy flavor. They’re not as crisp as commercial crackers; they have a flaky tenderness similar to what you’d get if you baked little squares of pie crust. The amount of red pepper flakes is just right to give them a bit of a tang without adding heat.

This recipe is super-simple if you have a food processor. If you don’t, you could probably use a pastry…

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