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Ok, so nothing like a little color/texture punch of fabric and wildflowers to get me all amped up for summer weekends, so I decided that, during the summer (trying to keep all things in moderation), we’re going to go a little boho for the weekends around here. K, probably a lot. I have too many fun images to pin- I’ll leave that to you fine folkartsy friends- and they’d just get lost in the abyss anyway. Also, probably most of them are already circulating…But first, I just have to laugh over the absurdity of it all. (albeit delicious)

I’ll be the first to admit- I love the summer “new” wave of gypsy/boho/southwest/aztec/coachella/nativeamerican/woodswomanwithtealandcoralnails visual OD as much as the next twenty-something female who loves color and flowers and feathers and wool rugs. Totally! But sometimes…you have to wonder…

See, our parents were doing it- and it was completely hot. And a little more earthy.

What hotties!

And our generation got all inspired and started getting hot ideas, too.

And of course, the music culture and all the icons…thx Woodstock.

…which we romanticize. But I like hearing my dad’s more realistic side of THAT story…tbc.

So of course,

…and it’s glorious lineup….

And the really fun style that followed suit…

(pretty skirt!)

(don’t worry- I’m not turning into a fashion blog. But I just don’t have the dedication {or patience :} to keep my blog consistent. )

*and I need some fun.* So anyway-

So while we observed this little number:

so awesome.

We decided to boldly take it where no…um…others have taken it before:

…aaand that’s where its gotten a little embarrassing… and YET! As I post this picture, I’m still going, ooh! I like those boots!

Just where it’s all so funny is that you don’t see the reverse of THIS coming back our way very often:

{which I admit, I’m relieved by.}

So all that to SAY! Boho Fridays! Comin up! Filled with grand colors and fabrics and vintage photos (or fake vintage photos, cause we don’t even need those anymore, right?) and lots of tipis, yurts, feathers, and lots of love… stay tuned!!

Oh, and PS- before anyone starts thinking I’m a hater, did I or did I not just purchase the most delicious vibrant purple and orange scarf covered in feathers at our local watering hole, Buffalo Exchange? ;) It’s OK to like what you love!!