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Well, the days are getting shorter again- I was surprised when 10pm rolled around last nite and the sun was no longer sending his fading glows above the horizon. In fact, he was no where to be found. Sad. But on a positive note, shooting at golden hour is going to start getting easier again, and that makes my little photographer heart happy!

Here are a few new pictures from the farm- I haven’t really written about “us” in awhile- not since A safe {Haven} and I’m still so amazed by the supportive responses we got from that post. Thank you again so much for all of your sympathy and shared stories- each one helped me push through the thick heaviness of last month. I am also amazed by how much the experience changed us both. As for me, I’ve been pretty sick for the past few weeks with various ailments- I think due to being incredibly run down-our particular miscarriage was pretty traumatic- and I am aching to be back to normal. There is a lot of change coming our way these next few weeks. Well, actually, I think we’re coming “its” way, and we’re both excited for something new. So I need to GET BETTER!! Guh!

But until then, here are a few little moments from lately…

how blessed are we to have all this finery growing along our patio, gifts from the previous tenant!

how precious are animals with their curious natures and uncorrupted minds {aside from when they are being black-hearted and mischievous, of course!}

how important it is to take the moment to notice pretty little things {like chevrons in nature!} Nope, didn’t change the color saturation.

and oh, how I love summer storms in the afternoon…


Enjoy these summer days- they pass so quickly! But don’t dread coming seasons, either…there’s always another one on the other side.

xo, e.