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Phew! Today has been a busy one. I’m not used to this new town yet, and I still manage to get completely turned around on Main St. You’d think we’d moved to Seattle or something, haha!! …now Seattle I know…but Bozeman? I must have stepped off the curb wrong when we came down here for the first time a few weekes ago. (A few weeks ago…I know- get with the program, new kid!)

But here I am, my trusty old teal messenger bag is nine resumes lighter, and I am sitting in a little hole-in-the-wall reflecting on how completely hot the hanging punched metal stars are hanging from the ceiling over to my right, and how I dearly love blogging in a favorite coffee shop.

It’s been a lovely season of not working, and my husband has been more than gracious about this sabbatical that has been my portion since the middle of last December… I am so thankful for the loving support of that man… That wonderful man who was blessed to find a construction job here before we even moved here! And he likes it a lot, actually- he’s learning tons, and the work he’s been doing has been applicable for some of the projects that we have lined up in our near future- fun fun!

However, since we do have many projects coming up, we want to continue paying down debt, saving money, and having a little bit of a surplus to draw from for supplies, so here I am today, spreading my name around town… hoping for the best! I even applied at a couple little boutiques along with the usual coffee shops, and even a swanky little place called Blackbird Kitchen. One meal there would take care of our entire food budget…well, not really, but almost! It was actually really fun to have OPTIONS when trying to decide where to drop off resumes- yay for this new land!

More than new news to speak of, I just have lots to catch up on. Today I’m preparing a number of posts, so prepare hear about everything from our vacation, our anniversary, shows we’ve been to, leaving the farm, and moving to Montana…all from this last month…guh!!

And the post drought is over- lots of pictures coming up—it is {Texture Tuesday} after all!!  This picture doesn’t do the storm justice at all- and I’m no quilter of panoramic shots, but either way, we moved from shade, trees, and an otherwise closed in space to “big sky Montana.”

…no kidding…couldn’t even take a proper picture of it!

look at those pouch clouds on the left!

Also, we went camping the week after we moved here…not telling where ;) But isn’t that just the prettiest prairie porta-potty  you’ve ever seen? K, not really the outhouse-but look at those golden miles- we hiked across them for a long time, but eventually decided that the snake holes all over alongside the prickly pear cactus made for a walk a little too ominous.

Till cooler weather then…

after all the packing, moving, driving, and vacationing, we were so thrilled to finally be quiet, alone, and accompanied by our books…

..and soak up the sun we haven’t seen in almost a year, haha!

Now, onto Texture Tuesday- we’re back on track, folks!