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…there’s an ancient Chinese proverb that says,

“Refrain from taking that phone call while in the shower…especially the night before your birthday.”


Wise man. Timeless wisdom ignored. Silent birthday morning to follow…

Ah well, I just don’t want anyone to think I’m ignoring them- don’t you hate that about cell phones? So much opportunity for offense. And before one thinks I’m assuming I must be getting said supposed birthday greetings, the tragedy is that I hear my phone celebrating with little text noises and I can’t do a thing about it- nor will I ever get to see them or know who they’re from. Sad!

On a much lighter note, my sweet husband stayed up past eleven last night after a long workday to make homemade cinnamon rolls for my birthday breakfast, and then got up at five to bake them fresh before having to go to work by seven-thirty. What a hottie! Not only was his gesture so intentional and caring, but they were the best I’ve ever had- and he knows it as they happen to be his specialty. : )

So I have to brag on his behalf right now and post a couple pictures of what I got to wake up to this morning… he made regular sized ones as well, but this was my birthday cake this year, haha! (with coconut rum frosting, btw…) Again, what a hottie!We’ve been studying agape love in the morning…so beautiful…it’s been like looking at the word love your whole life and then realizing there’s a 3D version and you’ve been seeing in 2D, thinking you were seeing the whole picture…Shamelessly decadent! BUT. He DID use Brummel & Brown… : ) Totally counts.

…aaand then we had protein so we wouldn’t fall apart in two hours, haha! It’s a good birthday…hopefully in a couple hours I can go get a new phone…