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But not since then. We have had a lovely four-day weekend over here with a day off from work and then Columbus Day  for Joel. (Thanks Columbus.) Here is a little smattering of activity from the last couple days… Sorry my posts haven’t been very conversational. It’s different not having the internet. It’s hard to force write an update when I used to do it with the ease of a morning cup of coffee, slippers, and the sun shining in my window.

…though the hot chocolate in this little country cafe was pretty good…

our sweet little living room…Joel taught himself to knit this weekend (I know, right?) and Em found that sweet little rug at a thrift…I drank tea and started (and finished, amazingly) a couple new sewing projects…Also we made really yummy homemade pizzas on whole-wheat crusts and Chris and Em have been busying their hands slicing and dehydrating bushels of pears every evening. What troopers!Yesterday Joel and I drove up Little Bear Creek and burrowed our way deep into the trees and mountains that we miss so much living in the middle of a wheat field. I wouldn’t trade our big sky in for anything, but wow. I felt like my heart landed when we were up on this crisp, quiet hillside. Our feet crunched through weeds and slush and we leaned up against the warm hood of the car, turned our face to the sun and just recharged before making our bumpy way back down the nat’l forest road, back to wide open spaces and epic views of snowcapped peaks…

…looks like we win either way, huh?

Thats why we weren’t complaining- only filling up different battery cells in our chests.

be bless-ed,