Illuminating Blogger Award

The very creative and life-loving Dre from Grackle & Sun has nominated Sage & Scarlet (formerly To Watch Her Unfold) for the Illuminating Blogger Award. Thank you SO MUCH! What an encouragement to start out the new year! One of the reasons I love Grackle & Sun is that Dre’s blog observes and celebrates the slow, rich beauty of process and discovery. Always refreshing….thanks Dre!

The rules for the Illuminating Blogger Award are as follows:

  • Visit the blogger who nominated you and thank them (did that).
  • Acknowledge that blogger on your own blog and link back to them (did that, too).

Share a random thing about yourself: Well, how about a few random story snippets from my workday? Today, it’s -8 outside. I work at a coffee shop along with my other artistic ventures, and this morning, after I made someone their coffee, I set it on the windowsill to take their money aaaand the cup froze to the sill. Awkward. Second story: Last year my husband and I moved to Bellingham, Wa to live on a co-operative permaculture, biodynamic farm. Super awesome. Not the point. So I was making conversation with a customer and this crunchy experience randomly came up in conversation. Wide-eyed, my customer looked at me incredulously and asked, (as she also asked if I would throw a couple shots into her travel mug of Baileys) “OMG, did you have doors????”


Lastly, nominate 5 or more blogs and share the love on their blog: I pick the following beauties…

She Sings Her Soul, one of the strongest, most beautiful poetic writers I know. Her words are always so timeless, her wisdom and revelations so raw and authentic. She is a woman who I deeply respect. She’s been a little busy lately, but I think she’ll be back.. ;)

A Beautiful Mess is one of my most favorite creative, feel-good blogs I read. Elsie is & Emma are full of “ah-ha!” moments, creative ideas, and projects that just make you feel happy to be young, married, and a girl. Love it!

Feather+Anchor. Basically, reading Erin’s blog is like sitting with an intimate friend, drinking a warm chai, catching up on the beauty of everyday life and then leaving astonished, inspired, and most importantly, thankful…

The Little Ragamuffin. Oh yes, another kindred homesteading spirit- and they are actually doing it and working towards accomplishing their goals…So much fun to read and her blog is presented in yummy little vignettes to click on. Lovely!

-And, of course, Cold Antler Farm. I’ve been reading Jenna’s blog since she was a wistful young dreamer years ago, sick with barnheart and dissatisfied until she had her own soil to bury her soul down deep. Read her books, get chickens, and get a farm.

Much much thanks to all of my readers. Be inspired and be refreshed…and stay warm!!!