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making the connection.>>—->making the connection.

One of the saddest sentences a soul can speak is, “I’m not an artist…I’m not the artsy-type…” You’ve heard it. Active artist or not, you’ve probably said (or at least thought) it…. Sad story, cause it’s just not true. We’re humans, right? Agreed so far? (Most of us, at least?) Then we are inherently creators. Whether we make fine art, houses, conversation, or babies, we are creators. We are artists.

Don’t do your heart the injustice.

The last thing we need to hear is that we can’t make anything. And we really don’t need to have decided for us is whether or not what we do make is indeed “art.”

{ART: (noun) The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination….} In case you forgot….

If you seem to have neither “skill” or “imagination,” perhaps you are in need of a little break… three-day weekend, anyone? Some of you need to breathe a little….We were all artists until someone or something told us otherwise….


DSC_0110(anyone can cut out pieces of paper and glue them to other pieces of paper with a glue stick…) These two images are from a very special journal I made for a very special someone….