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Storytime: So, two friends were sitting on a park bench eating a bagel. One friend says to the other,                                                                                                             “Ok Joel,”                                                                                                                         (we had been talking about life & change over lunch…you know, just small talk…)                                                   “So, five-year plan- what do you want?”                                                                   Second friend kind of chokes on his delicious bagel, pauses and says carefully,                      “Um, you’re kind of my five-year plan…” (True story)                                     Life.Changed.  OK…good talk..

I was reading Feather+Anchor this morning and Erin was sharing about her and her husband’s “Five-Year Plan” journal. Genius!!! Well, I guess now that my husband and I are sharing our “five-year” plans together now,(I’m off his list, check!) a pictorial list would definitely be my favored way of contributing! I just had to share Feather+Anchor’s smarty pants idea. We’ve been in major New Year’s mode lately anyway looking casually for a new place to live, reflecting on the insanity of last year with all of it’s blessings and sorrows, and deciding that it’s time for change. And time to grab hold of our life and do our little part in the steering. You don’t have much control over the directions taken in your life sometimes (most times), but we can surely choose the course and then hang on for the ride….

Speaking of journals, the last couple days’ images have been excerpts from a journal I made for said “other friend” before I ever knew he was going to be the receiver…sans the last page, which was the “yay! I know who my husband is going to be now!” collage, which I made after the guy with the bagel came on the scene. It took years to fill…. talk about five-year plans….!

That dream journal was quite the investment….

...writing to my someday farmer; unknown, yet deeply loved....

…writing to my someday farmer; unknown, yet deeply loved….

How do you plan for the future? Microsoft Word? “It’s all up here”?

A choreographed puppet show?