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Image credited to: Vanessaissleeping

Well, dear friends, lots of transition lately, and a hundred things to catch up on… Suffice to say for today that my Beloved and I have found our own little place to make our nest.  It’s a one-room cabin with a wood stove and the price was right. Sadly, the Deep Woods were not part of the deal, but let’s watch as we carve a home out of (practically) an empty parking lot, and as we go ahead and bloom right where we’re planted. The mountain view is still splendid- I just use my hand to block out the furniture business  right below it- no worries!! Our plan is to spend a season living in a very small place to save up for some very big goals. I think it’s going to be good….


…we will have the internet there soon{ish} and I can go back to my little rhythm of daily words and pictures…I’ve missed that since Bellingham/August….

I’m looking forward to putting up pictures of what that crazy place looks like now (rustic in a “this cabin hasn’t been used since summer camp ’76” sort of way)

And what it will look like in a few weeks…hot. And the landlord is letting us have free reign in the place- yay!!! So the first thing we did the day we got it was rip up the nasty carpet from the already fabulous plank hardwood floor.

We win!

So I’m actually at work getting a coffee to bring to my Love’s work and then I will set upon it….Wednesday, check. Broom, check. Scrub brush, mop and Murphy’s Oil, check. Imac transported all the way to the cabin to provide me with music for the next seven hours…of course!