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Sun-flooded pages-sun pouring over my hand like a slow-moving golden creek. Kitchen counter messy from the leftover party remains of bowls and spoons, granola, cut strawberry tips after a quick exit to work this morning by the husband. I will remain for a few more hours to finish a little (late) Valentine gift of homemade chocolate truffles, and a mug of jasmine green tea. Old grey sweater over leggings and thick socks, top bun and old leather shoes make for an earthy morning at home before leaving to close the shop tonight…

I am pleased with this new home-rustic and raw from suffered neglect, but we have been loving it back to life, and slowly the hearth is warming beneath the old fireplace-front woodstove. IMG_0124One of the first things we set out to do after we dropped the last box on the dusty floor was to fill the gaps in between the old floor planks-on a limited budget- and I’m actually quite pleased with the result. Super simple.


.1/4 in to 1/2 in natural jute rope- depending on the width of your gaps                            .hammer                                                                                                                 .chisel                                                                                                                     .husband

(leaving me free to take pictures, of course.)

So first we started to clean out the gaps, but that proved terrifying. So we stopped after noticing yellow, glowing eyes peering at us from the abyss.  too gross.

 And unnecessary since we were packing in the filler so tightly. We left the ends slightly longer than the length of the gap to make sure there was enough to get under the wall trim at the end. Didn’t want to give ol’ yellow eyes a way to escape! …just kidding. No yellow eyed monsters, sorry…IMG_0121 IMG_0125 So there you have it!