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All this moving and packing up of all my art supplies and fabric and machines has been like hitting the reset button in my creative life this winter. I’ve had this big, glowering, explosive rack, five shelves high, packed solid with fabric pieces and half-finished projects staring me down for the last two places we have lived.

This move said, “Enough is enough! You don’t own me!!!” And so it shriveled back down and wasted away into boxes. And you know what? I have wanted to create more now, these last couple transitional weeks than I have in months! Sometimes we need to just remove from view all the guilt-inducing little projects staring us down, regain control, step into the offense out of the defense (my rare sport reference), and then decide what is priority. Because it can’t ALL be priority-then our creative goals turn into an awful, fire-breathing dragon of threat of “should’s but can’ts.”


Instead, I’m taking a break- working on nutrition goals and nesting projects instead… (And now I even want to sew again-fancy that!) So between all that, a rather inspiring {and dare I say life-changing} dream last week, and my husband’s support in bringing me home-business books, I’m feeling rather inspired. A mid-winter reset button? How blessed am I?!

Also, as it has been becoming more and more apparent that gluten is not my friend, I’ve been having an easier time making lifestyle changes that are sustainable…. here’s to my first loaf of GF bread and my sweet copper kettle-a gift from a sweet sister-at home in my new kitchen… more to come… xo!

love, {e}polly put the kettle on DSC_0193