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Honestly, I don’t even know where to start! There is so much to catch up on… But I have a lot of news: sad news, happy news, travel news, life news, moving news… We’ll get there. But suffice to say, we had a cozy, unplugged winter in our cabin, but it’s time to come out, for it is summer and a new season again.
One happy piece of news is that we both got smart phones (his is definitely smarter) and we are finally… back in society? Whatever that means :)
This morning finds me sitting on a blanket with a thermos under a very early morning sun outside REI waiting for the Scratch and Dent. Looking for Vibrams, a new pack for Joel, or backpacking sleeping bags. Or any combination of the above. I’m looking forward to writing again. I have a lot to process… Last night I went for a sweet walk at the Gallatin and found lots of visual treasures… Happy weekend friends.