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Well it’s official! We bought our tickets to Europe and I am a terribly faithless blogger when I don’t have Internet… I forgot what I wrote last time (and I have no idea how to look at it on my phone without losing this post, so…forgive.) After a very silly spring in the horse rental as we came to call it, we decided to take a break from the rental and spend a summer in our camper we bought for $500 and renovated and finished during the storm of the century… K sorta- but that storm caused millions of dollars in crop damage here in Montana and we were declared a disaster area. Crazy, huh? So here we are being nomads. It’s amazing how simple life can be when your space is small. …yet not simple when you live in a studio, as we found out this spring. The woodstove was nice, though.

So at the end of September, we will be heading over the pond for a month! Okay, honestly, I’m on Instagram pretty much every day with Montana moments, trips, camper life and random pictures of feathers and tepees, so you should probably just start following me @sageandscarlet, ok? One of these days I will add an Instagram button. Probably around the same time I get a personal assistant…

I will really miss the wind here. Especially how it sounds when we are in our camper and the candles are lit and we are drinking tea… I am blessed- I know this. The path here was just hard… Xoxo!