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Summer afternoons go by like a little girl gathering found feathers…by the end of this short, yearly walkabout, you realize you have gathered up a colorful singing bird, and as fall approaches, little is left but to listen back to the storysong of those fluttering days… And so here we are, traveling about, gathering up both moments and found feathers-quite literally, actually! I’ve had feathers come across my path nearly daily the last couple weeks… It’s been sweet- God, what are you saying to me? :)

So here we are settling down under a big almost Indian summer sky. Settling for the remaining weeks before we fly off to our next destination (Iceland). I’m so glad we did this.

You want to be free and travel? Cut the cords! Rent-free for the summer and lining up photography jobs made this happen. I’m getting super excited to start blogging again to record this lovely summer. And obviously to show off how hot we are living in our camper, haha! Oh just kidding. It’s been a rough season, but this has been quite the highlight. So here’s us headed out to our spot.

Come back to see how this nest got feathered!!!

Also, I will share our itinerary for Europe and my lament for missing the harvest back home in the Pacific Northwest. Check us out on Instagram @sageandscarlet, and of course, on Pinterest. …I like how my iPhone just autocorrected Pinterest as a proper noun.