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Well, I had to haul my iMac to a local coffee shop to edit engagement photos anyway, so that gave me a chance to play around with my little photo shoot from yesterday. I’m loving my new camera upgrade and after a busy early shift yesterday, i decided to go play around with the polarizer I just bought. Living in the camper this summer has been epic, but I’ve missed editing. I used to go on drives and have little impromptu shoots all the time, but somewhere during the last couple years I lost a little of that spontaneity which is actually pretty structural in the life of a photographer/artist. And why do we allow this? To be more “responsible” and “productive” with our time? Hm, just exactly how are we metering that, anyway? Soulcheck. So Joel told me after work that I was feeling needlessly guilty about being recreational after work, (wow. I must really need this Europe trip, haha!) and to go do something seemingly unproductive. I literally wandered; driving for ten minutes before my heart remembered how to be playful for the day…

I remembered this house I saw driving to our campspot the other day and realized just exactly what it was that I needed! Impromptu photoshoot! Oh joy! Don’t you just want to know the story of this house? How the evenings were spent by those dwelling here? How they spent their leisure time after they labored?

I bet they moved a lot slower during those moments than we do…

Hello, little house on the prairie….

DSC_8619 DSC_8660