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Well Hello Beloveds~

It’s been awhile… Maybe even almost a year… I’m going to save myself-and you-the time and just suffice to say that after so many seasons of transient wanderings, adventures, and…poorness, haha, we are in a life season of semi-permanency. Whoa. Crazy business….! We bought our first house, found out we were pregnant (again) the week we found said house, and then this past week got the internet for pretty much the first time since we were first married and living on that cooperative farm in Bellingham, WA.

There has been a lot of life between then and now… And I actually really do want to process these past couple years on here with you over the next few months…I really do. But I’m also not going to make lofty blog promises a week past my due date, haha!! Guh!! We’re finally here, everyone!! After multiple losses and more heartache in a young marriage than I could have imagined, our joy has come with the morning and I’m so excited to meet our little miracle and share his sweet story…

I’m excited to share the treasure that has been this 1889 house, nestled deep in the heart of the PNW. I’m excited to move into a season of working from home in my art studio, furthering my photography business, and finally having a turn being the mom flooding social media with pictures of my perfect little baby that I’m sure everyone just wants to see oh-so-much, haha! It’s truly a new season…

So first, can we talk about that video? Love dying. Last summer, one of my besties, and amazing doula, Emily, with Shalom Doula and I worked on a little labor of love celebrating this pregnancy. We took this beautiful organic wrap and dyed it in four sections. One section for each of my babies… it was a beautiful and healing project. One word of warning, though. I may possibly have permanently dyed the inside of their dryer with turmeric… Very unforgiving spice… I have a lot to learn about using mordants…redemption









But it was a rich process… :)

Next let’s talk about these tiny little shoes. I usually don’t pull out shots like these, but our family photographer, Dave Ainley was doing a little maternity shoot for me and I just had to pull these out when we were by this stump my husband hauled with us on our shoot. They’re just happy and I can’t wait to fill them with 10 little toes. :) Dave Ainley Photography

Alright…I think that’s all for now. Wish some baby-having thoughts my direction and I will be back soon!

Be inspired,