{about me}

I think it’s probably time to update this page… I started this blog in ’08 as a way for friends and family to keep in touch when I went to Mozambique. That’s why there’s this big time gap as older posts are viewed. Nowadays, my feet have grown roots that are tangled up in the terrain of Washington state… the ocean waters of the sound, the peaks that make the spine of this lovely place, and the rolling mountains that dive beneath the Columbia in the northeast…

My name is Elizabeth. I’m at home on a co-op farm in Western Washington. I’m freshly wed to an incredible husband and I’m learning how to spend more time at home. This blog, if for anything else, is my accountability. My accountability to                       keep writing,
keep taking pictures,
keep working on Inlumen,
keep cultivating my home,
keep doing art, to remain creatively primed…

{this was the old “about me” from 2008…figured I’d keep it up                            since it’s where I came from}

“this is a grassroots journey into establishing a sustainable connection between two communities. this is a journey that is concerned with the here, near, and far. the purpose of this diary is to record my stumblings and share the beauty of my discoveries as they happen.

the timeline of this blog will begin with my own vision of the place of the arts in life, business, and healing. then it will explain how i became involved with an orphanage across the world, and where we are all going together. it will record the first trip to beira, mozambique in sept. 2008. my hope is to inspire others to mobilize their own grassroots ideas, travel, see beauty, and raise awareness of the house of blessing. i am also excited to look back on this and see how far we’ve come and how much i’ve learned.

the content of this blog is a testimony to the fulfillment of one of the greatest desires of my heart…

thanks for reading!”

5 thoughts on “{about me}”

  1. Kim LaDuke said:

    Liz! I would love to talk to you about the orphanages and what things we can do to help! My heart has been opened by the Lord for this cause and I am just unsure at the moment what he wants me to do with it!

  2. Hello Elizabeth! Thanks for liking my doggy raincoat post on Jenny Lee’s Jottings. You nailed it perfectly when you described how your blog was for accountability! I’m trying to do the same thing myself :)!

  3. Hi! Your posts, and pictures, are really nice! :) I’ll be coming back for more.

    • Oh thank you so much! If there’s anything you’d like to see more of, I’m happy to explore! Thanks for following my blog! : )
      happy summer from the north!

  4. Thank you for the follow Elizabeth :) , I’ll keep a close eye in your cool blog too

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