I’m back!!


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Honestly, I don’t even know where to start! There is so much to catch up on… But I have a lot of news: sad news, happy news, travel news, life news, moving news… We’ll get there. But suffice to say, we had a cozy, unplugged winter in our cabin, but it’s time to come out, for it is summer and a new season again.
One happy piece of news is that we both got smart phones (his is definitely smarter) and we are finally… back in society? Whatever that means :)
This morning finds me sitting on a blanket with a thermos under a very early morning sun outside REI waiting for the Scratch and Dent. Looking for Vibrams, a new pack for Joel, or backpacking sleeping bags. Or any combination of the above. I’m looking forward to writing again. I have a lot to process… Last night I went for a sweet walk at the Gallatin and found lots of visual treasures… Happy weekend friends.




Boho Friday! {nature’s gifts}


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driving home from Yellerstone… nice pic, Joel!
remembering the high plains, late last summer… 
summer Chaco-love and morning campfire with my man @Emerald Lake…

le sigh! Indian Summer- we miss you!!!

Gluten-free Success…{and Slaying the Dragon}


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All this moving and packing up of all my art supplies and fabric and machines has been like hitting the reset button in my creative life this winter. I’ve had this big, glowering, explosive rack, five shelves high, packed solid with fabric pieces and half-finished projects staring me down for the last two places we have lived.

This move said, “Enough is enough! You don’t own me!!!” And so it shriveled back down and wasted away into boxes. And you know what? I have wanted to create more now, these last couple transitional weeks than I have in months! Sometimes we need to just remove from view all the guilt-inducing little projects staring us down, regain control, step into the offense out of the defense (my rare sport reference), and then decide what is priority. Because it can’t ALL be priority-then our creative goals turn into an awful, fire-breathing dragon of threat of “should’s but can’ts.”


Instead, I’m taking a break- working on nutrition goals and nesting projects instead… (And now I even want to sew again-fancy that!) So between all that, a rather inspiring {and dare I say life-changing} dream last week, and my husband’s support in bringing me home-business books, I’m feeling rather inspired. A mid-winter reset button? How blessed am I?!

Also, as it has been becoming more and more apparent that gluten is not my friend, I’ve been having an easier time making lifestyle changes that are sustainable…. here’s to my first loaf of GF bread and my sweet copper kettle-a gift from a sweet sister-at home in my new kitchen… more to come… xo!

love, {e}polly put the kettle on DSC_0193


DIY: How to Fill Gaps in Plank Wood Floors


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Sun-flooded pages-sun pouring over my hand like a slow-moving golden creek. Kitchen counter messy from the leftover party remains of bowls and spoons, granola, cut strawberry tips after a quick exit to work this morning by the husband. I will remain for a few more hours to finish a little (late) Valentine gift of homemade chocolate truffles, and a mug of jasmine green tea. Old grey sweater over leggings and thick socks, top bun and old leather shoes make for an earthy morning at home before leaving to close the shop tonight…

I am pleased with this new home-rustic and raw from suffered neglect, but we have been loving it back to life, and slowly the hearth is warming beneath the old fireplace-front woodstove. IMG_0124One of the first things we set out to do after we dropped the last box on the dusty floor was to fill the gaps in between the old floor planks-on a limited budget- and I’m actually quite pleased with the result. Super simple.


.1/4 in to 1/2 in natural jute rope- depending on the width of your gaps                            .hammer                                                                                                                 .chisel                                                                                                                     .husband

(leaving me free to take pictures, of course.)

So first we started to clean out the gaps, but that proved terrifying. So we stopped after noticing yellow, glowing eyes peering at us from the abyss.  too gross.

 And unnecessary since we were packing in the filler so tightly. We left the ends slightly longer than the length of the gap to make sure there was enough to get under the wall trim at the end. Didn’t want to give ol’ yellow eyes a way to escape! …just kidding. No yellow eyed monsters, sorry…IMG_0121 IMG_0125 So there you have it!

Bear Medicine


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The Bohemian Collective: LUNAR ANIMALS – BEAR MEDICINE.

“During the darker half of the year, our spirits tend to turn inward. This is a time of reflection and retreat and energy is low. Allowing yourself Bear Medicine– hibernation, rest, rejuvenation, stillness, will help you conserve your energy for the warmer, active days ahead. Though there is the hustle and bustle of the holidays, if you give permission to yourself to rest it can do wonders for your spirit and mood. Laura and I compiled these yummy, cozy images encompassing Winter and Grandmother Bear.

So grab a cup of tea, a warm blanket and snuggle up. I hope you have a peaceful and cozy rest of your holidays and a happy new year!”

For more images, browse through my Bear Medicine board on Pinterest.

Guest post by Marissa 

Wednesday, Broom, & Scrub brush. {check!}


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Image credited to: Vanessaissleeping

Well, dear friends, lots of transition lately, and a hundred things to catch up on… Suffice to say for today that my Beloved and I have found our own little place to make our nest.  It’s a one-room cabin with a wood stove and the price was right. Sadly, the Deep Woods were not part of the deal, but let’s watch as we carve a home out of (practically) an empty parking lot, and as we go ahead and bloom right where we’re planted. The mountain view is still splendid- I just use my hand to block out the furniture business  right below it- no worries!! Our plan is to spend a season living in a very small place to save up for some very big goals. I think it’s going to be good….


…we will have the internet there soon{ish} and I can go back to my little rhythm of daily words and pictures…I’ve missed that since Bellingham/August….

I’m looking forward to putting up pictures of what that crazy place looks like now (rustic in a “this cabin hasn’t been used since summer camp ’76” sort of way)

And what it will look like in a few weeks…hot. And the landlord is letting us have free reign in the place- yay!!! So the first thing we did the day we got it was rip up the nasty carpet from the already fabulous plank hardwood floor.

We win!

So I’m actually at work getting a coffee to bring to my Love’s work and then I will set upon it….Wednesday, check. Broom, check. Scrub brush, mop and Murphy’s Oil, check. Imac transported all the way to the cabin to provide me with music for the next seven hours…of course!



…in case anyone happens to be passing through… thanks hovercraftdoggy. Places like this make my heart long…for something I can’t quite grab onto…you know? Hope your weekend has been happy!


mountain winter cabin snow nature landscape view romantic weekend getaway travel beautiful peace serenity

Tin Hat Mountain Hut along the Sunshine Coast Trail in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada.

/// unknown photographer / read more here

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Boho Friday!: with {greg pths’} dreamy photography


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Flickr: greg pths’ Photostream. Check out more of his art!

Dreamy, beautiful images to drift through your Friday like warm, Spring rains… Well, it might be a little early for that, but it’s ok to appreciate other seasons whilst still finding contentment in the present…